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Monday, June 29, 2009

Living in the Moment

Sorry it's been so long, folks. Samantha has been very busy making sure she stays an only child for quite a while!
We've been living hour by hour the past two weeks. When I was living by weeks (the two-week-wait, "I'm x-weeks pregnant", "she's x-weeks old") I thought time went slowly.

Then we started counting by the hours:
"She slept x-hours (usually 1 or 2)"
"She ate x-hours ago"
"She's been screaming for x-hours"
"She's been working on a #2 for x-hours"
"She had a #2 x-hours ago."
"I've been off diary for x-hrs"

The past two weeks have felt like 2 months.
Infant food allergies run in the family, so it really is no surprise that Samantha is having issues- I was just hoping against hope she wouldn't! I was sort of in denial, but when I went to the lactation consultant (after a week of no sleep) and she read off the symptoms of a breast milk allergy (face rash, excessive gas, fussiness, blood in stools) I realized how miserable my baby has been.
So, in addition to no tomatoes (which I think was giving her her horrible and stubborn diaper rash) we are now off diary (which I don't think she is allergic to, but am holding out just in case) and soy (the newest theory).
The good news is that the baby weight is coming off!

We are now 24 hrs off soy, and will know more in another 24 to 48 hrs.
She was up every 2-hrs last night (a huge improvement)
Slept for an hour without being held this morning
Slept another hour in the car seat this afternoon (we usually just scream bloody murder) .

I feel like we should have a newsreel or something.

a rare moment caught on camera!24 hrs off soy and counting!


Sandra said...

Hey there! If you need information or want to talk about the Intolerance issue; I'm your pro girl! My first was Milk Protein intolerant, Second was MSPI (milk and soy) and my third was intolerant to Milk, Soy, Peanuts, Eggs, Fish, Wheat for the first 4 months of his life.

Also, it took 3 weeks (to the day) before my first showed any signs that the milk protein was out of his system and that his digestive system was healed up.

Be patient Kim...it is so hard and can be stressful, but believe me it is worth it when your baby stops crying and sleeps and you don't see blood in their stools...sooo worth it.

Thinking of you and she is a cutie-pie!

The Lukas Family said...

Aww-Kim I feel for you guys! I know all you want is sleep and a happy baby-I was there, but it sounds like you are having a worse go of it. I am so sorry-but she is beautiful and you look great! I wish I was there to help! We have gotten past the plain old fussy baby stage-he now sits by himself and plays for up to 20 mins at a time-I thought this day would never come! But it does and it did! Good luck and God Bless!

Ram Sam Sam

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