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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Some of you may have recently noticed a gadget I added at the bottom of my blog.


Well, it's been there, nonetheless. I needed to put it somewhere, and I thought this would the perfect place. If finances are taboo for you, just don't go there...seriously, just avoid the bottom- that's why I put it there! Anyway, encouragement/ideas/congrats as we go along are welcome, but by no means expected. I thought it might add another dimension to the blog, and give me something to look back at when I feel like we've gotten nowhere!
So, here's where we stand today:

  • about $1000 is medical
  • the rest is student loans (I know, I know...)
  • we hope to be done with most (if not all of it) before we move out of my parents' place (Mayish of 2012)


Tracy @ Hall of Fame Moms said...

Wow, if you can pay of that much in 2 yrs that is great! I hope you can. Good luck with that ;)

thatgirlisfunny said...

Part of creating a goal is declaring it publicly. Your goal is achievable - whether in two years or not remains to be seen. You will, however, have a smaller number in two years and be feeling really confident about dealing with the rest of it.

My friend Hayley took on a "crazy" goal (in my opinion crazy). It was a real challenge for her. I asked her if she would consider writing up her journey. She took the challenge. She said that because she made a public declaration, she wouldn't back out.

She wrote 6 posts. The last one is available to read as part of Day 22 of #31DBBB on my blog. Here is the title in case you have a chance to look and be encouraged - I love your widget! You can do it!

Tough Guy 2010 When a crazy idea became a reality! on thatgirlisfunny dot com

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