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Monday, July 12, 2010

It's About TIME!

So we go to therapy today and Diana takes her into the room.

She shows Samantha a box of balls she has. Samantha then promptly gets on all fours, CRAWLS over to the box, selects one and SITS BACK UP all by herself. She then proceeded to do it for the rest of the session.

Of course, in true mommy fashion, I'd forgotten to bring the camera. So when we got home I crossed my fingers, hoping she'd perform one more time... (I'm not supporting her, just trying to prevent a head dive- she's 1st percentile for weight, 3rd for height and 75th for head circumference...she's just a TAD top heavy!)


The Lukas Family said...

So proud! Go Sam! Kim, I love how you are sitting there, all tense, trying to let her sit up by herself but you can tell you are ready to pounce. Very Cute!

Nichole Chomicki said...

She already looks like a pro!!

Mammasita said...

Yeah, Samantha! Good Job and keep up all the hard work!

Julie said...

Way to go!

Ram Sam Sam

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