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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I'm back! Not sure where to start, and lots has happened...so let's try some bullets, and see how we do, shall we?

- We moved. Again.
  • Why? It must be a guy thing, but neither my dad nor Jeremy could ever relax. EVER. And when one can't relax, stress is a constant. And when stress is a constant, sickness and tempers take over. Also, my mom got REALLY sick and was still very sick for over a month (the doctors still don't know what she had, but it involved a 100+ fever and feeling crappy. Constantly). And when my mom gets sick, her verbal filter disappears. In other words, I was getting a daily dose of unsolicited parenting advice and my housekeeping skills (or lack there of) were a common topic of frustration conversation.

  • When? We all tearfully agreed it was time for us to move, and they gave us 2 months. In two days we found our new home.

  • Where? A frickin' awesome duplex! For the same rent as our last place, we have a 2 bedroom (Sam's first bedroom!!) 1 bath, all wood floors, washer/dryer hookups, HUGE unfinished basement (read--STORAGE), backyard with REAL grass and a 1-stall garage. It is on a busy street, and no dishwasher (we purchases a very very used portable one) but it is amazing.
-Sam is walking. Like, for real.

She literally 'took off' when we moved in, and a few days ago she figured out how to stand up in the middle of the room. We are attributing the leap in milestones to the wood floors and lack of dog to knock her over.

-Grandma is helping us out, so financially we can make ends meet until I get my Nebraska teaching license and a job.

-Thanks to his immuno-suppressors, Jer got pneumonia. When you ask Samantha, "What does daddy say?" she'll cough.

-This is the first week of a real routine! Just in time for the holidays, eh?


Granddad said...

Wow...Sam has wheels!

Time to baby proof the house... cabinet and drawer locks, plug covers, hide electrical cords, cover sharp corners on furniture...etc, etc, etc...

As for baby proofing the dog....that's a tough one...hee hee

Go Sam!

Granddad said...

Guidelines on parenting:

DO NOT maim, abuse, scar, nor otherwise physically, mentally or emotionally harm the child. ;-)

DO hug, feed, clothe, shelter, educate, smile, laugh, guide, discipline with love, love, love, love the child. :-o

Everything else is "fine tuning".... Don't sweat the details.

DO NOT spoil the child: that is the responsibility of the Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and other members of the extended family!

We love you guys....

Ram Sam Sam

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