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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hey Rubber Ducky, You're the one!

Due to my lack of interest last year (a teething, non-sleeping baby will do that to you), Samantha had a pretty pathetic first Halloween. This year I asked for the assistance of my mother- if anything just to overrule Jer's insistence on dressing Sam up as a Zombie.

Seriously. He had a plan for a bloody mouth and everything.

Sam can pick out a duck anywhere and not only signs it, but quacks as well.

It was a quack decision.

Considering her waddle when she walks and the fact that she leaves the hat on,

I'd say we hit the quack-pot!

Ok, ok, I'll stop now.

1 comment:

Granddad said...

Well....must admit, she makes a MUCH better looking duck than a zombie...!

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