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Friday, November 26, 2010


Amanda looked at me wide-eyed yesterday while we were playing cards,
"What's gotten into you, Kim?"

I retorted back, slightly confused.

"You're so giggly!"

Jer says he misses me being like this- says it's how I was when we met. I guess I'm no fun when "life" happens. Recently, for the first time in 3 years, things seem settled. Money is still tight, but not headache worthy anymore, waitressing is easy now, starting school has been a lot easier than it was last semester, and Jer and Sam's health are great.

I feel like I can breathe!!

Also, after having been married for almost 4 years, we have our first Christmas Tree!

And who doesn't feel care-free when they have their Christmas Tree up?

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Melissa K. said...

ooh ooh! We set up our first Christmas Tree yesterday too! I know it isn't any big deal, but I'm thrilled to have it in our living room.

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