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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Samish (English)

S: Mommy! Mom. Mommy! Mommieeeee. (Hey Mom!)

Me: What? (What?)

S: Guy? (Car?)

Me: Guy? (Where?! Do you see someone?)

S: Guy? (No, you idiot, CAR.)

Me: Oh, Car? Where's your car? (You'd think I'd remember what 'guy' meant by now. Where's your car?)

S: Whey go? (Where is it?)

Me: Oh, it's over there. (Oh, it's over there)

S: Dey she is! (There it is!)

Me: What color is the car? (Please perform for mommy.)

S: Reh (I dunno, red?)

Me: No, remember, not everything is red. (Damn.)

S: Eeen. (Green?)

Me: Yes! Very good! (Second guess counts! You're a genius!)

S: Mom! Mommie! mommiemommiemommie. (I want something. Figure it out.)

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