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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chasing Confessions

So a few months ago I wanted to go to Confession. I looked up the times and planned on going on a Saturday before work.

Then I flat out forgot. Grrr.

So I tried again- was going to go at 5pm, meet a student at Church at 5:30 and take her to my place to tutor.

I arrived at Church to find out Confessions started at 5:30-- plus the student arrived at 5:15. ARG!

So then I planned for it again. Wednesday after work.

This time I remembered! I went out to the car- and it wouldn't start. I had to laugh. Seriously? Isn't a third time a charm? AAHHH!!

After adding "loss of patience" to the list, I finally did make it. It was a little anti-climatic in the end because of the priest being a little to "efficient" in my opinion, but worth it nonetheless.


Granddad said...

God loves perseverance!

Colleen said...

The devil sure did try to stop you...but you won!!!!

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