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Monday, April 18, 2011

Letter to Walgreens

To Whom It May Concern:

Today I had a very frustrating and confusing experience at one of your stores. For the past few months I have discovered and taken advantage of your wonderful Register Rewards program, along with “stacking” coupons to get many great deals at your stores. I have never had a bad experience. In fact, last night my mom and I went to four of your stores in search of a particular product (Crayola on the Go Color Explosion, on sale for $1.50 each). At those stores, everyone was very helpful, patient and went above and beyond to assist us. At the store on _____, at 9:30, the manager (I believe his name was Paul) looked up product numbers at all of the locations, giving us a better idea of where we might try next. We were able to make it to one more store before 10pm, and still had not found more than 2 or 3 a store (two locations did not have any). Between my mom, sister-in-law and I, we have 4 kids under 7 and were trying to fill Easter baskets, as well as prepare for several long car trips. Because of this, at the end of the night I said I would try one more store (______) in the morning.

I took my daughter with me this morning and intended to purchase up to ten. I was very excited to find 8 of the color explosion scattered on the bottom shelf. I counted them out, and picked up two “Crayola Pib Squeak on the Go” items too. When I arrived at the check-out and put my items down, the checker immediately started to flip through the weekly advertisement. I thought she was looking for a coupon, but another woman came up. The first woman asked the second, “Is there a limit on these?” and the second woman scoffed at me, “Did you clear us out?? Call for a manager.”

I was a little confused, but confident, as I knew there wasn’t a limit in the ad. I tried to explain that I wasn’t “clearing them out” but that I had, in fact, been to four other stores, and they were the only ones that had any in stock. The only reply I received was silence. When the manager came by, I tried to explain again that I wasn’t trying to get away with anything, that they were the only ones that had them in stock. Again, no acknowledgment whatsoever that I was speaking. The manager found the ad, checked that they were ringing up correctly then told me she would only sell me six. I asked her if I could please purchase eight, as they were for Easter and I wanted a multiple of four. She conceded and allowed me to purchase the eight, but was obviously not pleased. What shocked me even more is that this was their reaction before they even knew I was using coupons. I laughed when I got into my car, as I realized I had apologized for trying to patronize a store!

I have to say, had this been the first store we tried the night before (and not had such fabulous service at the previous stores), my mother and I would not have continued to pursue other locations, let alone ever patronize at a Walgreens again, as our business was clearly not welcome.

I hope this letter is helpful in preventing other shoppers (especially moms on a budget) from feeling as snubbed as I did after leaving one of your stores.

Thank you and God Bless,

Kim Lepper

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