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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I recently decided Samantha was at a point where I could try time-out. Basically, I was tired of re-directing the same behavior over and over. The routine goes something like this:

Samantha is warned
Samantha continues anyway
Samantha is plopped down into time out and given an explanation why
Timer is set
Samantha gets up
Samantha is plopped back down without any verbal communication
Samantha gets up again
Samantha scrambles to get back into time out before mommy gets to her
Timer goes off
Samantha gets an explanation for the time out and what she is to do instead
Samantha says "Sorry"
Samantha gets a hug

After the first few times she caught on and 20 seconds into her 1 minute time out she'd be yelling at me across the room "Mommy! Sorry. Sorry! SOOORry! SORRY! HUUUUUUG!"

Today I thought I'd ask her to see if she could tell me why she was in time-out. She had been jumping on a chair and continued after I warned her. When I asked her why she was in time-out, she paused, smacked open her lips (a precursor to any question these days) and she replied,
"Jump, Chair."
"Very good!" I said in surprise.
"Sit." She told me with a stern face.
"Yes, we sit on the chair."
"Jump, Floor!"
"Yes, you can jump on the floor, can you show mommy?"

She may not care that she's in time-out, but I do have evidence now that she certainly knows when she's misbehaving!

Not actually in time-out, but kind of looks like it

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