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Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Started Kissing Everything in Sight...

Kisses are quite the commodity in our household. Samantha has discovered the medicinal properties and thinks kissing fixes any boo boo. Recently, however, she's decided that kisses are not only useful, but necessary. After a while I had to start rationing the kisses, "No, you don't need a kiss, you're fine." Then I just got lazy, kissing my hand and placing it on the injured area if it was in an odd/stinky place (blister on the foot).
Today while taking a bath, Sam ever so slightly bumped the back of her head on the tub while playing. After denying her a kiss, Sam decided to fix it herself; She promptly kissed her hand and patted the kiss onto her head.

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Granddad said...

Every kiss is a gift!

Ram Sam Sam

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