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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Here We Go Again

We had two visits to the ER today- the first one diagnosed him with epididymitis. After being sent home from the first he was unable to keep the meds down and became dehydrated. So we went back (anyone know if they count that as two visits or one for insurance purposes? I'm just curious) and he had a fever as well. They gave him a second diagnosis (in addition to the first, not instead of ) of cellulitis in the same region. He's on his second bag of fluids, on some very strong pain drugs and anti-nausea meds so he's finally able to rest. They are admitting him for the night.

One thing's for sure, my hubs doesn't do anything 1/2 way! :)

Prayers please, as this go-go-go routine is starting to cause some negative affects on myself and Samantha. Thanks again for all the food and prayers. I think they are the only thing keeping us sane right now!


Granddad said...

Call your insurance company...each policy is different based on state and federal laws...

Grandma said...

A minor editing suggestion: Instead of "I'm a hard-core Catholic, wife and mother who recently bought her first house", consider "I'm a hard-core Catholic, wife and mother. My husband and I recently bought our first house."

I'm glad I was able to stay for three weeks and help--Of course there were times when Sam and I both got in trouble!

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