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Monday, May 28, 2012


Ho hum another day another hospital stay.  After an x-ray, cat-scan, some fluids and morphine he's comfortable for the first time in three days and they think it's an infection in his intestine.  They won't know until tomorrow.
We'd very much like for this chapter to be over now, Lord.  

But, alas, Thy will be done. 

 I don't have to like it, though, right?
And it's ok to "lose it" every now and then, correct?


Mammasita said...

No you don't have to like it and lose it seems natural!

We will double our prayers. You all remind me of true strength in the Lord.

Thank you for you example to us.

MamaFujan said...

Praying for some continued relief for all of you! Good luck. Keep us updated!

Carol said...

Praying for y'all! You're such a great example for us. Wish I could be there to take Sam off your hands for a while!

Ram Sam Sam

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