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Sunday, June 17, 2012


A while back*, we went to the circus.  And although the smell was as bad as I'd worried, it was a lot more fun than I'd anticipated!

waiting for the cousins

As close as she'd get to the clown.
Uncle Joel got us cool light-up flowers for the price of a car-loan!

Sam knew the drill.
Kahlan was semi-interested in the circus itself.

But was VERY interested in the flower.  At one point I thought they might need a room...
But her lack of interest allowed for some Aunty Love too.

Waiting for the elephant ride.  I had to use Sam's college savings to pay for this as well. 

Saw an old friend while waiting.


Finally on!  I believe it was at this point that the elephant passed some gas and my gag reflex went into overtime.


How was the ride?

This kid is always smiling- as long as he's in mommy's arms!

Something exciting was happening.
 The End

*April!  Holy cow I'm behind...

1 comment:

Granddad said...

Elephants farts???


Beats elephant dung every time!

Ram Sam Sam

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