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Thursday, December 20, 2012


Today we celebrated a snow day by having a much needed play date with the cousins (the "needed" part was for Becca and myself).

The calm lasted the typical 2 minutes and then Samantha came running into the living room crying, with Kahlan quickly in toe, her signature frown in place.

"Kahlan is trying to eat my noodles!"

"Amantha not sharing!"

Samantha is clutching a small bowl from the play kitchen.  I quickly realize that Samantha is not wanting to share her imaginary noodles, as the bowl is in fact, empty.

"Samantha," I narrow my eyes, "you have to share your noodles with Kahlan. Just give her a bite."
Samantha quickly scoops up the 'noodles' and gobbles them up.

"They're all gone." She says with a semi-lamenting air.

"Samantha, that was very rude," I then scoop some 'noodles' from my lap and place them in her bowl,

"There, Mommy is sharing. Now you have more. "

"No," she frowns, and with a flick of her wrist she dumps the 'noodles' on the floor.

I turn my head to hide my smile, only to see Becca duck her head in giggles.  I turn back to Samantha, "That was very naughty.  You pick them up now, put them back in the bowl and share with Kahlan."

After a few more whines and protesting, she picks up the 'noodles' and half-hazardly tosses them into the bowl. Then she reluctantly offers them to her cousin.

Kahlan, confused by the whole scene, hesitantly takes a bite.

In hindsight, I can't blame her.  After all, the 'noodles' had touched the floor.

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