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Sunday, January 6, 2013


My first year teaching full-time I had six preps- four math and two Spanish.  It was a 45 minute commute and I taught a total of 50 students. 

And it. was. marvelous.  

The kids were amazing.  The faculty, though small, was dedicated.  Most had a commute like myself.  But the community was amazing. 

Some of my students made me laugh so hard while they were apologizing for not doing their homework- just like every other day.  And even though I was only five years older than most of them, my "authority" was never an issue.  They were so respectful and kind.

It was only one year, but few of them really tugged on my heart.  I loved them like my own siblings. 

One of those special ones died today. 

I've never wanted to turn back the clock more than now, just to see him strut into class with his silly mischievous grin again.

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TX grandma said...

Tough one--at first I thought you were having a dream--up until the death of a special student.

They say dying is a part of living, but it never makes sense when they are so young.

All in our prayers.

Ram Sam Sam

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