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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Recent events/updates:

Sam's favorite bedtime songs are currently "Sanctus" (must be sung 3 times).  Her second favorite is "Hail Mary", third is "Sing a song of six pence" and fourth is "Our Father".  Whenever any of those is sung at mass (minus number three of course) she forgets ALL rules and shouts "AH!! They're singing MY SONG!!!"
It's cute, but we're working on just singing along, rather than announcing to the congregation that she knows the song.


All day after the easter egg hunt at my parent's place Sam bragged about "winning" and "beating everyone."  She also "beats me" when she reaches a room/door/floor before I do.  But if I make it first she insists we weren't playing race.  Jeremy thinks I'm being cruel sometimes when I trick her, but SHE'S the one who makes up the random rules and calls "race" when she's halfway to the destination and I'm waaay beind her. 

Our ultrasound is scheduled for May 1st.  Sam is still insistant that it's a girl (she knew we were pregnant before we did, so we're going with her guess).  Lucy and my dad are REALLY rooting for a boy, since my brother and SIL are expecting a girl.  Another girl would make four and poor Grayson would be the only boy.  I think I'll panic if it's a boy (which is funny, considering I really wanted Sam to be a boy).


I finally have my energy back but have a 24-hour headache that only goes away if I slip an Advil (I know, I know, big no-no while pregnant, but my midwife ok-ed it if it just becomes unbearable and keeps me up at night).  After talking to a few medical professionals, I've been diagnosed with TMJ.  I've been fitted with a mouth guard and literally can't wait.  Seriously, I'm so tired of needles poking my eye and hear 24/7.  Jeremy's excited to stop the "REALLY LOUD" tooth grinding.


Sam moved, without incident, to her BED.  And she stays there 99% of the time throughout the night.  She's woken up with a fit ONCE since she moved there.  It's just insane how well she's done in learning to calm herself down! 


This will be my last summer with just me and Sam.  We're planning big.  Bubbles, swimming, gardening and (free) museums EVERY day.   Oh, and Arkansas too.

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Julie said...

Ibuprofen is class B and safe (as safe as) Tylenol until the 3rd trimester when you shouldn't take it because of the baby's heart closing. Either way, sorry about the pain. I hope you start to feel better soon!

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