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Friday, April 5, 2013

Well hello there

I woke up today and looked down and exclaimed- where did THAT come from?! 

It was a bump!
And every time I look down I'm all, "Ah! a bump!"

Holy moly.  I didn't have a real one until I was 25 weeks with Sam.  And seriously, it happened overnight.  It was like the kid said, "Woah, look at all this room up here!" and moved headquarters four inches up and out.

I would post a before and after picture, but I've been a little gun-shy about taking belly shots since the miscarriage, but to be honest, there wasn't anything to take a picture of.  Seriously, I looked like the picture on the right below yesterday, and the left is me today:

15 week with Sam
15 week with #2

26 weeks with Sam

Let me just say a quick change like that makes for a very uncomfortable mommy all day as the muscles try and adjust super fast.  W-OW. 

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Momma Mere said...

I haven't wanted to take belly shots this time either, but I agree the belly has started growing a lot quicker! A bump showing is always very exciting!

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