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Friday, October 10, 2014

One Year

I need to get this all down before I forget it!
Stats: I actually had school off on your birthday, so we had your 1-year appointment.  You weighed 20lbs 5 oz- roughly 70% percentile.  I lost the info sheet already but I remember you being the 90% percentile for head circ and around 70% for height.  You started walking a week before your birthday- I freaked out and you gave me a "Oh, this is a thing?  I can totally do that" look and didn't stop practicing for the rest of the night.  By your birthday you preferred walking to crawling but still needed a "destination".  Another week later and you figured out how to stand in the middle of the room, rarely crawling anymore now.

Our birthday gift to you was 1-year-old pictures.  I didn't do this with Sam and I regret it.  Hopefully you'll appreciate them when you're grown.  We were able to capture your two distinct "isms"- the grin and bear-crawl.  When you finally warmed up to the camera the photographer couldn't believe it.  The two people working there kept asking, "Really?  She's grins like that all the time?"
Yep.  Such a goob!
You're still a great sleeper and THRIVE on a schedule.  You've been off the past few weeks with Grandma visiting and your first day back with Grandma Dean (one of our sitters) you napped for six hours.  That's right. SIX.  And then went to bed for the night four hour later.
You l.o.v.e. your giraffe blanket and binky.  We joke that it's laced with a sedative.  Whenever you're throwing a fit about a diaper change, we just pop it and your whole body relaxes and you stop moving.
Recently we realized that the reason you were a "picky" eater is because what we were feeding you was too bland.  Stuff that Sam claims is too spicy you inhale.  It must have been all of the spicy salsa I drank ate while pregnant and nursing you.
I watched a video of Samantha signing at 11 months and thought that you'd never get to that point.  But boy was I wrong.  Just in one month you've added quite a list to your vocabulary and are in love with the baby-signing books that were once Amanda's.  Currently you sign (appropriately and consistently):
All done
Drink/Eat/Give me that (pointing to her tongue)
Thank you

You SAY:
Tss (Tess)
Was-ah? (What's that?)

A few precious things that I want to remember about you:

1) Whenever the front door opens-whether we are taking out the garbage or coming home or just looking outside- it doesn't matter where you are, you wave and shout towards the door "Aye!"  It sounds both like "Hi" and "Bye" and it works for both.

2) Whenever you do something naughty all we have to do is quietly say "No, Charlotte."  You then do it one more time and immediately shake your head and say, "No."

3) You are OBSESSED with markers.  You carry them everywhere and have even learned to get dressed while holding one or two.  We have markers in the carseat, in your bedroom, the bathroom, the couch, every box in the house...until yesterday we let you have your way with them.  Yesterday, however, you figured out that they open.  Now they are out of sight.

4) You love your mommy, but you also love the other women who get to watch you during the day.  It is really quite the relief for me that you reeeeach for Grandma Dean, my mom and Miss Katie and instantly lay your head down on them to cuddle.  You make them all laugh with such pure joy.  They really do love you and can't get enough.

We love you Charlotte!  Samantha still loves making you laugh.  As do all of us!
Birthday Girl

The Grin
Just can't get enough!

Even though he couldn't be there, my Dad made her cake!

Charlotte's gift-opening-helpers


I'd like to say she was all excited, but she was exhausted by the time the party started and the only frosting she got on herself what when she whacked my hand away as I tried to feed her a bite.

Dady even tried.

Jeremy's mom even made it!

With the Godmother

The two brown-eyed girls

Her hug.  Melted my Grandma!

The Hnosko's youngest has got some serious cheeks.  My mom kept cracking up, which would make him smile and then she'd crack up and he'd smile and then...repeat :)

Watch me mom!

No hands!

Love these two

Charlotte was all in Samantha's business and Sam was so good with her.

She even helped her get the cap back on a few times.

This was when she learned how to remove the cap.  I took a million pictures of her trying to get the cap back on.  Then the markers were put away.
Crap, I just realized I still don't have her birth story up or finished.  I should probably get on that...

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Grandma said...

Grandma Lepper enjoyed coming from Arizona for two weeks and had fun with the girls. The visit was scheduled so I would be there for Charlotte's first birthday. Kimberly had a schedule written out so Grandma could do her best to keep to Charlotte's routine and to be there when Charlotte took her first steps. Grandma kept a daily log about Charlotte's busy days-- some of them were more than two pages long! Of course that was the only thing Grandma had to do, until we picked Samantha up from school! The day that it was raining was interesting--how to keep the girls dry in the stroller, while Grandma frantically pushed the stroller home. If I had looked there was large umbrellas in the entry closet. The couch in the basement was very comfortable. I'm short enough that the length of the couch was perfect. I should have brought back the feather pillow with me. I'm fond of feather pillows. I was to fly back home the ninth--due to flight times being pushed back, it meant I could stay the night at Lincoln airport or Denver. There were three customers trying to figure out how they could get th their destination that evening. Third time at the counter the young lady told me about a flight for Friday. Thank goodness Jeremy was able to come get me from the airport. At least I then had a comfortable place to sleep besides the airport. Love to all and I'll miss seeing the girls grow day by day

Ram Sam Sam

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