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Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Photo Shoot

It took Charlotte a while to warm up.  

Sam, on the other hand...

Starting to warm up...

THERE we go!

She saw something she wanted.  Look at that mullet! 


That's what she was going for.  SO glad Samantha smuggled that into the car!!

I love the diaper peeking through.

I put the chapstick in her shoe. I love her open mouth.  This is her "I'm concentrating" look.

It wouldn't come out.

Asking for help.

One of my three favorites!


So pensive...

She gives the best kisses.

Her arm chunk, the sly grin, the eyes...and my greasy hair :)

1 comment:

Mammasita said...

Love the ones of the two girls at the end. Such sweethearts.

Ram Sam Sam

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