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Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Picture of Patience

I'm not sure if Charlotte's patience amazes me because it's leagues different from Sam's or because I have no idea where she gets it from.  Or both.  She'll find something and have some idea of what she wants to do and attempt to do it for hours.   Samantha still screams within 5 seconds.  She's getting better now.  At least she'll calm herself down before she demands asks for help.

I give you, Charlotte putting on my shoes.  I couldn't get a non-fuzzy picture, partially because I was laughing so hard.
Ok, got one foot in...Now for the other...

I just need to hold onto the wall here...Wait, my foot came out and now I can't reach.

  Maybe if I move them?

Hm, I think Mommy's laughing is part of the problem, let me try over here.

I just need to hold onto the table here- shoot, I can't reach them again...

Ok, that didn't work, I better go back to where I was before.

Ok, hold onto the wall, step foot in...

Got it! No, the other foot...

Take this one out...oh, shoot, that's not what I wanted to do...

Ok, move shoe farther away from the other, step in and...
Take foot out so I can- OH, woops, I did that again...

Ok, let's try this foot first.

Wow, that's really far away.

Ok, so, I moved the other shoe farther away, surely this will help.  First foot IN.

COME on...

She FINALLY took me up on my offer to help.  She was SO proud!

And wouldn't stop moving, hence the horrible pictures.

Note the vacuum plugged in.  I seriously vacuumed the whole house and she was working these shoes the whole time!

Slow and steady...

Here I go!

Shoot, I came out of them.

At this point she did get a little frustrated.

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