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Monday, June 1, 2015

A Six Year Old

 Sam's b-day was stretched to a whole week almost!  Allll week every stranger asked her how old she was and she'd perk up and proudly announce, "SIX!"  Something about using BOTH hands to show your age is just so cool!

At her school it is tradition to give a treat to your class on your b-day.  When I was there, I remember everyone requesting my mom's peanut-butter balls.  But now it's a nut-free campus and it's frowned upon to hand out candy...so one has to get a little creative.  Sam's gotten water bottles, silly glasses, pencils and bouncy balls.  I had Samantha pick out scratch n sniff stickers!  We just couldn't help ourselves and each classmate got a personally decorated paper plate (to put the "food" on) and 17 different scratch and sniff stickers.  I'm not sure if it was a hit or not, but they were fun to play with while we put them together!

Sniffing...We did order some fun ones like "grandpa" and "dirt" but Sam was not amused and did NOT want to put those in the treat bags.

She opened these and was THRILLED.

It's all she talked about for days.

She love signing "Let it go" again while flipping the Elsa doll.

Yes, Charlotte.  We didn't forget about you.

I let her sleep with them.  The next morning she informed me that Ana and Elsa didn't go to sleep, although she did.  I asked her if she told them to go to sleep. "No, they kept talking."
"Well, did YOU go to sleep and ignore them?"
"No...cause I had to do their voices for them."
She randomly got hooked on having an "Ariel" b-day party.  She was very specific when describing the cake to my dad and how she wanted it to look.  I'd say he got it all perfectly!

It was difficult to decide who to invite.  We decided to do non-school friends since she'd already celebrated with them.  We still had 11!  

She's obsessed with piñatas.
We also had a tent (inside due to weather).

And Amanda came over to sing songs on her uke.

Gabe (orange shirt) tried VERY hard to sweet talk her into letting him play...to no avail.

This young lady showed off her skills too.

Reading lyrics together.  Who knew "Do your ears hang low" had so many verses?

Head, shoulders, knees and toes dance-off
And Grayson found a box.

Happy Birthday, My Love! 

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