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Friday, January 22, 2016

Numero 3

Well, the battle of the names has begun.  We have tons of boy names lined up but can't seem to agree on girl ones.  Oh well!  We have a list, but both of us are pretty stubborn as to budging from our favorites.
In the meantime, here's the bump at 21 weeks and a few ultrasound pictures!

She started sucking her thumb at one point- gah it was so cute!

Darn uploader keeps rotating this picture...but it's my favorite!

the ultrasound tech (Claire) was amazing and so so kind.  She makes us feel as if we have the cutest and most precious baby she's ever seen.  She printed off almost 4 feet of pictures for us!

We can wait to kiss those cheeks!

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The Lukas Family said...

We had the same problem with naming number 3 but once we stumbled onto Wyatt it was done! Funny thing is that neither of us can remember the name we were individually argarguing for!

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