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Saturday, February 6, 2016


Let me just start off with saying I know exactly where this problem comes from.  It's 1000% me.  
Sam- since her first pair of shoes- has been a hellian when it comes to the shoes/socks being perfect.

I hate buying shoes.  If I bring her, she will fixate on the one pair she wants (sandals in January or snowboots in July) and every other pair "feels wrong".  If I buy a few to let her pick at home, chances are none "feel right" and it will fuel a fight to the death every morning when it's time to put shoes on.  

But when she finds a pair that "feel right" she never wants to take them off! She got ready for bed the other night and came down like this...
The random pair of shoes in a bag of tights and socks from a friend.  They'll fit her for maybe a month more.

Then, when they are too small or develop holes I literally have to pack them away in the high-shelf box so she doesn't accidentally find them later.

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