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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

6 months

And like that, you are half a year.  
In one week- the week before you turned 6 months- you went from chillax baby to playful and opinionated young child.  This whole sitting-up thing got your ego going and you are bound and determined to be a big girl.  Thursdays are your nap-boycot days.  I just need to learn to accept it.  Today you slept one hour from 5am to 5pm.  You were content, just did NOT want to sleep.  Jennifer did everything she could.  I brought you home, and within ten minutes you were out for the night.

We tried avocado again...we may as well have been trying to gag you- solid food is just not your thing!  
Oh, Genevieve.  You are just so content.  Laying down, sitting up, being held- as long as you have an interesting toy (the baggie of wipes or a credit card usually suffices) you are golden.  

You are FINALLY sleeping in the pack-n-play!!  Yay for easy sleep routines!! You still can't roll from back to stomach, but you haven't figured out that you can flip over in your bed yet, so it's all good :)

So content to be "with" the big kids

Oh your tongue.  You have been letting it get some air recently.  It's quite hilarious. 

I don't even think you realize it's out.  It literally just hangs there- through giggles and chatter!

It was gone for a day and then slipped out again.

You are quite the trend setter!
You are 17 lbs of pure and amazing joy.  It's only been six months, but I can't remember how we lived life without you!

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