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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Sister comparison

Everyone says the girls look so alike.  I can see it, but when you put them side-by-side it's really easy to tell the difference...that is, if you've seen a lot of bald, blue-eyed Caucasian babies. Can you guess these below?


The Lukas Family said...

#1 Sam #2 Charlotte #3 not 100% sure but Sam? And #4 Genevieve.

Kim said...

Actually these are ask of Samantha and Genevieve! Sam, Genevieve, Sam, Genevieve!

Mammasita said...

Okay I got Sam in each but I went for Charlotte in #2 and Genevieve in #4

I have this close up picture of one of my babies that I still can't figure out if it's MC, George or Annie. I feel kind of bad about it.

Ram Sam Sam

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