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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Newborn Pictures

Only 7 months late!  I realized tonight that I'd forgotten to post these!  Better late than never, right?
I want my girls to know- that belly is NORMAL after giving birth.  One of the biggest surprises for me and oh so humbling...but oh so worth it!

Almost Uncle Levi


Probably the last time she took a binky.

Jeremy gets so giggly after having a baby.  He's just on cloud nine!

He pokes the baby a lot.  REALLY annoying.

My FAVORITE.  His arm, ring, and how natural he has become with our children.

Nine months on..nine months off!

What a sight for sore eyes!

So adorable.

Levi was just smitten.

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MamaFujan said...

I think you look great in the pictures! You just gave birth and look put together, awake, and healthy!!!! Thanks for sharing!

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