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Monday, February 6, 2017

Kids say

After working the 9th grade retreat for two days Samantha kept asking if I was finished welcoming "those men". Took me several minutes for me to realize she was talking about the FRESHmen

"I think I have a disease."
"What do you mean? What kind of disease?"
"One that makes me leave stuff at people's houses. I do it ALL the time."

"hello there sir...well, there's head lice in the family..." Samantha to the stranger using the dryers next to us at the laundromat...pretty sure I should have brought Charlotte instead..

"can I hold Genevieve?"
"Can I go play on the swing set?"
"Can I go down the BIG slide?"
"Can we go skating?"
NO! You have a broken arm!!!!! Why does she keep forgetting this?!
Me to Jer about my day, "x happened and... it totally hit the fan."
Charlotte looking up at the ceiling, "What hit the fan, mommy?"

C, "mommy, my head itches.."
Heart skips a beat and I reply, "really? Do you think you have bugs again?"
"Yeah. Can you comb my hair?"
"You think I need to comb your hair again?"
"Yeah... And while you do it, can I watch a show on your phone?!"
I swear, they'll do anything to get a screen fix! Little junkies..

"it just wasn't the same here, mom, without you and your harsh voice."

"daddy, I miss the yelling. You don't yell. You just raise your voice."
-Samantha while I was away

Samantha got a set of books from a dear friend after she broke her arm. We asked her to write a thank you. This was her first draft. She insists that she likes them now, it was just her "being honest" as to her first reaction. She was commissioned to do a nicer one

Goodness this child. Yesterday, I gave Samantha a list of her options for the day (she was grounded). Today I found this lying around... She thought I wouldn't be able to read it because she wrote it with her left hand... Little does she know the high schoolers I teach.

These sentences brought to you by the 21st century!

"Sam, try this sweetened homemade whipped cream with fruit!"
"No thanks, it's not my thing. Can I just have an apple plain?"
"How about these crackers with cream cheese!"
"Um... OK..*eats 2 bites* I'm done with these, can I have the bag of carrots?"
The child we are trying to fatten up has the wrong taste buds!
-Signed, the salvating nursing mom who is trying to lose the baby weight

 Samantha reads a lot of comic books, especially Baby Blues. Recently she's taken too SAYING things like, "sigh" and "groan" when she's upset or disappointed. The newest one has me in stitches. Jeremy has heard her SAY, "giggle giggle snort" when she's laughing

It's OK to enjoy (just a little bit) Samantha's despair at not knowing who Jer and I each voted for, right?

Jeremy "woah. The Verizon black Friday deal has a Google Pixel for only $10 a month."
Me, "whats a Google Pixel? well, you just called and saved us 40 a month, so we could work that in if that's something you'd want."
*30 seconds later*
Jeremy, "OK, it's $** shipped, we have to pay taxes up front. Happy birthday and Christmas to me!"
Me, "😳 oh, so we're doing it then?"
Jer, "you said we had room in the budget! No way was I going to wait for you to change your mind!"

"Mommy let's hold hands while we are going down the stairs so you don't get lost..."

"Charlotte, go ahead and start eating!"
"But mommy, I didn't PRAY yet!"

I put another tradition into practice this year that I learned from the Foley's (and thought was so odd when I was young)- the girls got each other things in the house already. C helped "fix" a favorite toy of Sam's (put in new batteries), C and S dug through the baby toy bag and picked out toys for G that she's never seen before and Sam wrapped up dark chocolate for C. The girls are so excited!

Discovery of the day- Genevieve is terrified of car washes.
Someone wasn't taking Time-Out seriously

Twice now I've put both girls in time out and they could only get out when they gave each other permission to do so. Attitudes changed instantly. How can we apply this to politics and foreign policy???!!

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Mammasita said...

I love Sam's honest card! It was a hoot. I can totally relate, I broke my arm in first grade and got a coloring book. It turned out to be a great and thoughtful present because I had to build up control with my left hand.

Your girls are such characters I love these post.

Ram Sam Sam

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