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Monday, February 6, 2017

Looking for Archie

A friend recently sent me something and changed our world. 

Well, first she sent me this and I was all, "meh, not Samantha."

Then she sent me this one and I was all WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!?!?
(she got them here, btw)
I gave them a shot.  Before I made a grocery store trip we did 15 minutes of vestibular input.  Then we were off.  She was off medication.  She was going to be hungry.  Her sister was tired and coming to.  
That would normally would have been a recipe for disaster.  
But I thought- go big or go home!

It. Was. Amazing.  
By allowing and feeding her need for being UPSIDE DOWN or sideways and hopping non-stop, she was able to be close-to-typical while at the store.  I was in tears the rest of the weekend.  Tears of relief to finally have SOMETHING new to try.  

Over night our world changed.  I googled.  I read.  I bought books.  Specifically these two:

Things are by no means easy, but we have a direction to go in.  I feel I better understand her.  Understanding is so so so so life-changing.  I'm not so frustrated with ever interaction.  And I'm able to laugh and see the funny side of her.  Like how she gets ready to go to the grocery store:

She was still sliding all over the store, but was able to find Archie without announcing it to the rest of the store!

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