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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Kids say and Tintis (things I never thought I'd say)

At church...*digging through my purse*
"Charlotte, what are you looking for?"
"Um... I don't know, but I need to keep looking to see if I can find it."

So jer threw up. I gave the girls washcloths to wipe down door handles, light switches and anything else daddy may have touched recently...I turn around to Sam wiping down the lamp shade on her tippy toes saying to herself, "he probably touched this..."😂😂

"mom! Guess what I can say now! hOSPital. Not hostipal." -charlotte
"Aw, I liked how you said it before."
"Well, I can say it right now. Sam learned it to me."😂😂

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Charlotte became very indignant when I offered this for a church dress. "I'm not wearing that! That's a peasant girl dress!!!"

"so 6 equals 3, cause 3 goes with 6."


 Charlotte threw a fit at dinner because the gravy that she did NOT want wasn't covering all of her chicken.

2 days ago Charlotte wore her sandals for the first time this year.
She then peed her pants twice while playing as she waited too long. She now refuses to wear the sandals. she says they make her pee her pants.

Charlotte just informed me that she just met 2 humans outside. One girl kind and one boy kind.


Things I never thought I'd say as a mom, "you are NOT a mermaid. STOP trying to breathe under water!"
"Yes, Mommy..."

I cleaned out Charlotte's cubbie at dimensions and she was appalled that I suggested we throw away anything...

-something I may have said this morning

Me to the girls in the back seat as I'm driving, "I love you girls!"
Samantha immediately responds, "I love you too!"
Charlotte (grumpy from long day at school), "......I don't like you."

I walked into the bathroom and Sam says, "sorry...I farted... It kinda stinks."
"That's ok," I replied. "I'm used to stinky farts, remember?"
"Yeah. I'm guess I get that from you. You know, when I came out of your tummy and kids get stuff from their parents? That's ok. I forgive you."

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