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Saturday, June 3, 2017


When we first moved in Audra gifted us her playset.  It got moved every year as the grass died around it and it got used a LOT.
So many memories!
Very typical scene
The neighborhood played on it HARD. Little by little things broke.  A swing rubbed through the metal ihooks.  The bench swing could no longer be repaired.  And then one day three big kids decided to all swing together.  Since we never anchored it- the swing set lifted, swayed and permanently angled to where it could no longer be used. 
Luckily,  your daddy and I had been plotting for months on a replacement.  We talked about what we wanted (staked, closer to the house) and what was used the most (cross bar as a pull-up bar, swings and the bench swing). 
Your daddy spent mother's day giving me an awesome gift building your new set from scratch while I kept everyone else alive and fed. 
We added little by little after the frame was done but we desperately needed those swings back up.  You and Charlotte both spend HOURS swinging every day when it's nice.
Slide and swing used from original set!
Also- SHADE!!!  It's shaded for most of the day now!

Not a bench swing, but the best we could come up with!

Two pieces still missing (balance beam and monkey bars) but we're calling it good for this year!  We're pooped!
The neighborhood is very happy once again.  And sweaty!

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