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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Aunts Go Marching

When Samantha and I need a break, we go to Grandma and Papa's house for some much needed entertainment and attention from her aunts Lucy and Amanda.

Lucy immediately asks to hold Samantha. She better enjoy it while she can! Samantha is squirming more and more every day.

Tasting the sound of the wind chime

Both Amanda and Lucy are entering their long awaited rights of passage; Amanda to High School and Lucy to Kindergarten. They both recently got their uniforms and came out to model their excitement.

I'd like to say how horribly jealous I am of Amanda's uniform. They are now allowing Dennis uniforms (they were forbidden while I was there- we were convinced because they were actually comfortable) and their shirts have this band on the bottom always giving the illusion that the shirt is tucked in. (No Shirt Police for her...gr...)

Lucy had to run and get her uniform on too. Amanda has taught her how to pose.

Samantha had a bath and went gangster for a few minutes.

I thought this was so cute (and very typical). Amanda was entertaining Samantha and Lucy was watching/giggling at Amanda entertaining Samantha.

Sam thought Amanda was very funny.

We then read some books. Sam cooed the whole time.

The girls benefited too- it was cleaning day. We provided much wanted distractions. Can you hear my mom calling Amanda? (and notice Amanda ignoring her? *tisktisk*)

Lucy then read some. (Yes, she is 5 and can read. I have a feeling she'll be very bored in Kindergarten learning the ABC's.)

The End

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much Amanda looks like you - you could be twins! I'm glad Samantha went down without a fuss tonight:)


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