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Friday, June 4, 2010

Ketchup Part 2

On the not so fun side of our absence, Sam has had multiple medical procedures done to try and figure out why she pukes so much and to see if there is some medical connection as to why she isn't gaining like she should. The episodic vomiting makes her loose 8 oz in a day and it takes her FOREVER to gain it back. Along with lots of fun physical therapy (which I've stopped taking pictures of because we were moving and...well, let's just say we were lucky to arrive with Samantha, let alone the camera! Plus she's just resorted to screaming any time we try and make her do anything therapy related. It's been fun. So. Much. Fun.) she has had a barium swallow, ultrasound, and biopsies taken from her esophagus and all the way town to her bum. The swallow and ultrasound came back normal, and we are waiting for results on the biopsies. They did find lymphoid hyperplasia in her rectum which usually is caused by a milk allergy.

So you wanna guess what I'm off of again?

Oh well, the cheese was nice while it lasted. And I got to enjoy a really good steak...

Poor thing had no idea what was coming.

The only reason I have a picture of her during the torture is because I was trying to distract/entertain her. But nothing could make her forget that she was strapped down with her arms above her head, being forced to drink gross white stuff on an empty stomach while being spun around like a chicken being roasted on a spicket.

And I thought labor was painful.
In Omaha has Boys Town Hospital for the procedure with a really long name. The biopsies. Let's just call it that.

This time they just drugged her- so she just slept through it all. She'd just stir every once in a while and get mad at the cast on her arm that was keeping her IV in. It was nice having her sleep on me, though!
My Angel.
My mom wasn't feeling well and still got up at 3am to drive us to Omaha. Then, when they came back with the results and I swore off dairy/beef yet again she popped on over to the grocery store and made me a delicious lunch of deli cuts on pita bread with Asian/sesame dressing and fruit and rice chips...like I said--Angel!

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