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Monday, June 7, 2010

Ketchup Part 3

Since moving in Sam's favorite word quickly went from "nurse" to "dog". Any time someone picks her up she immediately looks for the dog and signs it (sticking out her tongue). My dad picks her up and says "Now show me your tongue" and she sticks it out on cue.

Anyway, Tess is my parent's new Cockapoo (somehow the name didn't register on their poo-joke radar. Nor did Shitzapo, which was another breed they were looking at. So I sat there dying with giggles...alone...).

At first I was worried about the dog bothering Sam and having to chase the dog away from her and Sam's toys. We do have to do that on occasion, but the real pain is keeping Sam away from the dog and the dog's toys. I had to fish Sam out of Tess's kennel the other day because she got stuck. I've even gotten to the point where I don't really care if she's tasting the dog's toys anymore.

Choose your battles, I guess!


Kati said...

Cute! We have a beagle named Bruin that Clare is obsessed with. She always hugs and kisses him and tries to "ride the horsey". It is hilarious. Today, she hugged him and sang "Rock-a-bye Bruin". Tess will be a great memory from Sam's toddlerhood for all of you!

Reconstructed Lawyer said...

The good news is that all that exposure to dog germs will just build up her immune system.

Granddad said...

...and...a dog's mouth is cleaner than yours or mine due to their VERY active and powerful enzymes in their saliva...

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