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Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Reason to be Fired, part II

I hang up the phone, frustrated beyond belief, and head upstairs to take a bath with Samantha. As I sit in the tub with her, I start bawling. Sam, thinking I'm laughing, giggles with delight and splashes til her heart's content. I call my mom in and she reaffirms that they are just a "different breed" and are use to 21-year-olds who take their feverish, puking children to daycare or just say "screw it" and don't go in to work without thinking twice about it. She tells me to just call a few people, then call back, tell them you tried, you couldn't and they need to find someone.

So when we get out of the bathroom (the communal speaking grounds at our house) Samantha is surprisingly content to play with a laptop toy, recently loaned to us by a friend. I get online, text/call 4 people without success, and then call the GM back,

GM, "Don't worry, I got the shift covered"

Me, (confused, as he didn't even "answer" the phone) "What?"

GM, "I got the shift covered."

Me, "Great. I just wanted to let you know, I got her to calm down and was able to text/call a few people, but got no answers."

GM (eerily cheerful), "Don't worry about it, it's all taken care of!"

Now, I was a teacher. I'm use to students who throw desks one day, and are perfectly cordial the next. I'm use to starting over and moving on.

But this was a really bad first impression.

I just keep telling myself- what a more honorable way to loose a job, than by taking care of your child...right?


Shell said...

So incredibly frustrating.

Tractor Mom said...

Just hopefully this is a good sign!

Come by when you can...


Beth Zimmerman said...

If they fire you over THAT it's their loss! And I would think you could get them for unjustified termination! Hoping episode 3 reveals a happy ending!

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