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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Reason to be Fired Part III

Sorry about the suspense, folks. I didn't have a shift with the new manager for about a week, and then weaning happened, along with mastitis again (fourth time baby! That's like, a record, I'm sure). Anyway, the shift finally came where the new manager was working. He sat down next to me at line-up before shift started and things went something like this:

Me "Are you ***, the new manager?"

GM "Yep!"

Me, hand extended, "I think I made a bad first impression the other day-- I'm Kim."

GM "Kim?"

Me "Yep"

Coworker "Uh, yeah. Me too. Hi I'm ***"

Me "Um, probably not as bad as me. I cried."

Coworker "You what?"

GM "OH. Yeah. You're Kim! Yeah, that was my first day and...yeah."

He seems like a nice guy- kind of annoying right now as he's doing the whole- "find something to correct everyone on so they know who's in charge" thing, but--whatever. I did a similar thing as a teacher, so I understand.

Anyway, things have gone smoothly since then- I've been praying before every shift not to make a fool of myself.

So far, so good.

Well, minus a few typical "Kim errors". Things that only I would do, that make me socially awkward.
I can never seem to avoid those...


Tractor Mom said...

So glad he's turned out to be a decent guy! I'll be praying that you're not going to be to socially awkward!

Come by when you can...


Beth Zimmerman said...

Glad to hear you were able to keep your job! :)

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