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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Teaching Patience to Teens

        We had our ultrasound on a Wednesday at noon.  Since we have most of our family in town, in an effort to avoid a competition of "who knew first" and to have a little fun with Samantha, we decided to keep the gender a secret until we told family on Thursday evening.  Which meant that I wouldn't tell my students until Friday.

opening the present

Pink means a sister!
SO excited, although she knew it from day 1

  And to be even more evil, I refused to tell them until 8th period.  Why?  Because poor 8th period never got any surprises.  By the time they walk in, they know everything that is going to happen in class.  When I announced my first pregnancy, they all knew.  When I announced the second word spread before 2nd period even started.  So this time I made sure THEY got to spread the news.

Amanda is responsible for the "sextuplets" guess

And although I hated not telling family and friends for a whole 36 hours, I loooooved lording it over my students that I knew and they didn't.  We had fun and I got to promote the culture of life at the same time.  Win-Win!

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