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Friday, September 27, 2013

Leagues different

As I sit here 40+ weeks pregnant I can't help but compare how different things are this time around.  With Samantha at this time I was freaking out.  We were moving in less than two weeks and baby was staying put.  This time I'm hoping to go past my due date and every day I just pretend that I'm not near giving birth- and so far so good.  I was a little stressed the last few weeks, but things really have settled down at work and I'm just too tired at the end of the day to care about details...which is good as I was having a hard time with the idea of letting someone else take over my classes for 2 months. 

We'd really like to make it to October 1st for a few reasons- but our current and biggest one is Samantha.  She tested positive for strep on Tuesday and after 2 days on antibiotics and being fever free was sent home from school with another fever.  This time it's suspected to be the flu.
This girl just can't get a break. 

So she's fighting off two things right now and it would kill me (and her) if Charlotte was born and we had to keep them separated.  Heck, Sam wouldn't even be allowed in the hospital! 

Prayers please for a healthy Samantha so we can allow her to be the big sister that she has waited oh so patiently to be. 

Also, a picture from last week's hospital visit.  Jeremy said she was just too cute walking back and forth to the bathroom in her gown pulling her IV along like it was nothing.

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Mammasita said...

We will pray for you all.

We had a similar concern as we brought our George home to two with stomach bugs and strep. I basically stayed in my room with George for the first three days. Not fun at all for have to be so guarded when introducing your newest little one and beginning new relationships.

Samantha, we hope you get better soon!

Ram Sam Sam

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