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Friday, September 13, 2013


The title says it all.  I've been searching and asking around for a podium since May.  99% of the time I prefer to work standing.  Currently I am just too out of breath to stand for too long but I try and stand when I can simply because I'm able to think and stay awake.  Plus my rear end doens't start to mold into the classic "desk-job" shape.  So anyway I sent out an all-staff e-mail at work and asked (again) if anyone had a podium they'd be willing to part with.  That's when one of the priests stopped me and told me to talk to his dad.  Apparently his mom had just called him the other day and asked if there were any projects for his dad to work on. 
I've known this family for a while and use to babysit their grandkids.  And now they are all coming through Pius.  Which is weird.
Anyway, I was told to sketch something up (thank you Dad!) give the dimensions, was asked stain color and in a few weeks- violá!
It's so pretty!  I would have loved to watch him work on it. 
Oh, and that's me at 37 weeks.
And it was perfect timing too- I had planned on spending the whole day at Pius working and was wondering how in the world I was going to survive having to sit to work on my computer (or figure out how to make the counter work).  Right before I was to leave I got a call that he had finished it! 

It was like Christmas, my birthday and Mother's day all rolled into one.  It's so original and just beautiful.  If you look closely you can see that it was a "wheel" at the bottom- it's from an old tredmill!  I can tip it towards me (and the shelves have slight lips to catch whatever is sitting on them) and roll it wherever I need it.  Also, some of the wood he used is from old church pews!  So. Cool.

Currently it is sitting between my desk and the wall.  Every gets confused and thinks that I teach from there, but I meant it when I said I wanted to work standing.

Before it was moved to it's final location on the other side of my desk
Look at the pull out shelf!  That was my biggest wish and he made it so awesomely perfect! 

I love love love love it and my students ooo and ahhhed over it.  Some did it on their own, the others I highly encouraged them to be impressed.  The drawer generally did the trick.


Ethan's mom said...

Very nice podium! And you look fabulous!

Granddad said...

Wow...beautiful. As a fellow carpenter I can greatly appreciate the work and craftsmanship that went into it. And...seems that other carpenter from 2,000 years ago is keeping an eye on you...

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