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Sunday, October 20, 2013


I'm totally breaking the tradition of doing less for the 2nd child.  Samantha didn't get newborn pictures taken, didn't have a baptismal gown, nor a party after her Baptism.  Part of these were due to circumstances at the time, but also part immaturity on my part as well.  I never even posted about Samantha's shotgun baptism!  (Sorry, my love)  So here are Charlotte's Baptism pictures, with a few from Samantha's as well.
We chose an amazing couple whose faith has blossomed into something truely beautiful in the 18 years that I've known them.  They were my neighbors growing up and I babysat for them almost weekly (daily in the summers) for almost 10 years.

Although Fr. Christensen was hoping to baptize Charlotte, I was very happy that Fr. Schultes did.  He's sharing my classroom with me this year and works with Jeremy so he's kinda special to us both.

Thank you Amanda for the best shots of the day.

Denise was surprised I wanted her to hold her.  It was partly because I knew Charlotte would wake up if she smelled me and partly because I thought the godparents were supposed to hold the baby during the baptism.
Samantha's Shot-gun Baptism 2009
The day we left the hospital Samantha was baptized.  My mom and Jeremy's parents had to leave as soon as we finished.  We were SO happy they were able to attend.  On a completely different note, look at me wearing a watch!  That must have been the last year anyone wore one.

She did not mind holding her the whole time.

Samantha's job.  She got a very stern, "Do NOT blow it out!"

Denise said Charlotte heaved a big relaxing sigh when Father annointed her with the chrism oil.
One of my favorite shots from Samantha's baptism.

AAAAnd that is why Charlotte has a cold and pink eye.  As one mother of 6 told me "It's not about growing when they have older siblings, it's about merely surviving."
Aaaaand that would be me 3 days after giving birth.  I can't believe how much healthier Jeremy is now.  Deacon Greg was his boss and did us the honor of Baptizing Samantha at the last minute too.

She woke up for this picture and this picture only.
For Samantha we chose a two friends from two different families that we got to know very well while living in Arkansas. We watched their faith blossom and they helped ours grow leagues as well. Choosing them was our "insurance" that they would both families would remain part of our lives after we moved.  So far so good!  Samantha still talks daily about how she misses her Godparents and can't wait to visit them in "Arkansa in the summer".

Showing off her baby to the cousins.

Denise did eventually let her go.

My best attempt at a panoramic shot using word and paint...although thinking about it, our camera probably has a paniramic picture option on it...oh well.  I love my dad in the middle there

I have one with Samantha somewhere...anyway, four generations!

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