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Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Prince and His Princess

Jeremy gets into Halloween...as in planning his costume before Samantha does.  And its usually on the gory or odd-ball end of the spectrum.  So when Sam mentioned to me for a second time that "...and Daddy is going to be my prince"  I told Jeremy that he's either going to have to re-think his costume or break his daughter's dream of having her prince with her for the festivities.

He got home from work and ran around the house getting his prince outfit together.  Sam Cinderella was ever so patient!
She got to wear her costume for two days at school.
Note the sword in his "hilt" and the cardboard crown with jewels.

I had Lucy's pumpkin hat that Charlotte was going to wear and it disappeared right before it was costume time.  Don't worry, Mom!  It will show up, I promise!!  UPDATE: found! Jeremy decided to "put it away" in the hat drawer.

Trick-or-treating at mimi and papas (where all the candy is!)

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