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Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Gift of a Sibling

Samantha is the only one Charlotte will "search" for when she hears her voice.  She's also the only one Charlotte will stare at. 

I had to stop Sam from trying to squeeze onto the boppy with her.  She thought the little pillow was a brilliant idea.

"Charlotte and I are sharing my bee blanket Mommy!"
Note that Charlotte is in a swing.  Sam is actually laying 1/2 underneith the swing so that the blanket will drape onto her as well.

I've always known siblings were the best gift you could give a child.  I grew up with my brother and we didn't get along until I was in college, but now we have kids the same age and it's great.  I was given my sister when I was 11 and I was in heaven.  When my mom told me she was pregnant when I was 18 and in Texas in college, I was so heartborken that I wouldn't be there to watch the next one grow up. 

Now to be on the giving side of the equation...well, we're hoping to continue to add many more gifts to our family asap!


Learning to Parent said...

So very sweet and adorable! I love how much my kids love Ben too - it is a side of them I was surprised to see. Kids (and babies) are amazing. :)

Momma Mere said...

They really are the best gift, Maher gets the biggest coos and smiles! So sweet to see your girls sharing already! :)

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