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Thursday, November 21, 2013


If you talk to Samantha these days she'll try and have a conversation with you that either involves her asking a very obvious question:

"These cheese crackers have dairy, right mom?  Cheese comes from cows, right mom?"
(ok, this may not seem like an obvious question to most, but trust me, in our house this is a very well known topic)

narrating what she's doing:

*Kiss**hug* "I kissed you and gave you a hug!  And now my hands are on your leg!"

or reminding you of things, just in case you forgot.  Her specialty is familial relations:

"Remember that you have four sisters mom?  Amanda, Lucy, Becca and Jenna!"
"Mimi, remember that you have three daughters?  Amanda, mommy and Lucy!  And Lucy, you are my aunt!"

After I gave birth to Charlotte I had some digestive issues.  As many other moms out there can attest to, the bathroom is not exactly a private place for us female folks.  So Samantha knew a few private details as she was my gofer for a few items that I needed while I was indisposed. 

A few days after a particularly memorable incident, we were at mass.  I was seated in front of a friends' husband (who have 5 young boys) and sitting next to a former student of mine.  Luckily I was sitting in the front row and on the side, so no one else was in ear shot.  Right after communion when the music had stopped, Samantha said to me in a very loud whisper,

"Mommy, remember that you have diarrhea?"
My friend's husband was beet red from trying not to laugh and my student was quite mortified.

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