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Monday, November 18, 2013

Sisters at 6 weeks

She's 11 lbs!!!  That was Samantha's weight at 4 months, I believe.
She only woke up once last night WHILE SLEEPING IN THE ROCK N PLAY!  Too bad Jeremy still woke me up twice, so I still woke up three times...sigh...
She is currently sleeping IN THE ROCK N PLAY for a nap!
She smiles whenever she's awake and makes eye contact now.
She fights sleep like her sister but, unlike her sister, she will STAY asleep
She's got an awful case of face/neck/head/chest eczema that is spreading.  I've taken corn out of my diet, so fingers crossed that it's the culprit and her scaly skin will return to normal here again soon. Now we are off milk, soy, fish (which I don't eat anyway), corn, wheat, nuts, beef, eggs and anything else high on "the list".


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