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Saturday, November 30, 2013


We all had a great Thanksgiving.  It's my favorite holiday as everyone is totally focused on food and catching up.  Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas and have several gifts I'm dying to have the receivers open (I've definitely made the switch from getting excited about receiving to getting a rush from finding the "perfect" gift for someone else).  But the meals and time memories made are generally pushed away rather quickly in order to make room for the gifts. 

Anyway, I think I enjoyed the meal the most this year.  Not only was I well rested thanks to a six hour stretch of sleep (finally!!) I decided to not worry about what I was eating and just pumped my milk afterwards for about 8 hrs, giving Charlotte some pumped milk from before the meal instead.  It has resulted in a little oversupply but I'm pretty sure it's on the mend already.  Other than a slightly fussy morning the next day and maybe a few extra diapers, Charlotte seemed just fine with the indulgence.

Grandad giving Charlotte a bottle- SUCH a relief knowing that she'll take one!
I actually think she prefers it since she doesn't "drown".  Samantha was thrilled to be able to feed her too!

Hyunseok played with the cousins for quite some time.  They looooved him.  He has quite the talent for distracting them if one is upset about not getting a toy/turn right away.

Titus and Samantha have been wrestling every year for a while now.  I think it's a tradition.

Boardgames are a must now.  The current favorite is Legendary.

Showing off the braids I did.  You can see Grayson's mohawk if you look carefully.  He wanted to be in the picture, but didn't understand why we were facing away from the camera.

There we go!

Amanda and Olivia.  She, my dad and Lucy got Olivia and Charlotte mixed up. 
Seriously.  We don't get it.  They both look like white babies, true, but they definitely don't look alike!

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