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Sunday, December 1, 2013

8 Weeks/ 2 months

She had her 2 months appt.  She is juuuuust under 12 lbs, wearing some 0-3 mo and some 3-6 mo clothing.  I'm pretty sure she's starting to teeth already, as she's started to drool and always wants something in her mouth.  An amber teething necklace was on the list for a stocking stuffer, but it looks like we'll be getting that sooner (like tomorrow).  I had 4 teeth at four months and Sam had her first at 5 months, so it would not surprise me if we lost her gummy smile here in the next couple of months....*sigh*...I love the gummy smiles!

Also, I have to document her night-time routine.  Jeremy will have her and she will fight and fight and fight.  He'll hand her off to me, she'll nurse for .05 seconds, pull off and demand her binky in the nursing position, grab my shirt and pass out.  Then I quietly hand her back to Jeremy and we both chuckle.
Every. Night.
Speaking of night-time.  The past two nights she's gone from 1-2 hour stretches to giving me a 5-6 hour stretch.  Just like that!  AND she'll let me put her in her rock 'n play!  Just in time for me to go back to work (thank GOODness).
Charlotte 8 weeks

Samantha 8 weeks

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