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Saturday, December 14, 2013


So Sam's ears have been plugged.  And I've known this because it's been driving me INSANE having to talk to her like I did my grandpa when his hearing aid is off. This morning she woke up with RED eyes and since they weren't filled with gunk I just figured it was morning redness.  After school, though, one was still really red.  Luckily the doctor was able to see her.  She has pick-eye, but not the contagious kind.  She checked her ears and, as it has been since she was a baby, Sam had a lot of wax.  But this time, the doctor couldn't get the wax to move.  She said it was rock hard.  After trying several tricks to get the wax to at least soften up they finally decided to have us put some stuff in her ears tonight, tomorrow morning and have her come back again to see if it was possible to see in her ear yet. 
At one point the nurse was so impressed with how good Samantha was handling all of the flushing that she asked her,
"I'm going to go get you a sucker, what color do you want, red?"
Sam looked from the nurse to me and answered, "Red...?" with just a hind of a question.
The nurse left and Sam quietly asked, "What is she getting me?"

Like I said, her ears are PLUGGED.
It also doesn't help that she wants to wear one of her 100 winter hats ALL day long.

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