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Monday, December 16, 2013

Sisters at 10 weeks


Charlotte- she was refusing to look at me.  Notice her big sister's choice in socks.  Aunt Amanda taught her that unmatched is cool.  I've learned to let it go. 

I'd forgotten how they change so much every week!  She's discovered her tongue and looks like a snake tasting the air a lot of the time. Hyunseok was worried something was wrong!  Last night I watched as she discovered how to put something (other than her empty fist) into her mouth.  She did it in slow motion. She managed to grab a pair of pants off a laundry pile and s.l.o.w.l.y. pulled it to meet her snake tongue. 
She's also so close to cooing! I say close because she doesn't like to interrupt.  She'll answer you if you talk to her, but you have to wait a good 10 seconds.  Then she'll give you a one syllable response.  Like today.  I asked her what she wanted for Christmas.  After a good 7 seconds she managed to utter "boob". 
Speaking of which, last week's egg trial was a bust (her face rash re-surfaced) but this weekend's wheat trial was a success!!!  Hurray for bread and tortillas again!!  It makes my lunch-packing SO much easier...

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