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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


This morning, in an effort to keep Sam occupied while I checked my packing* and got ready for the day, I allowed Sam to take a picture of her artwork.
She says it's a cheeta.  I totally see it.
But of course I can't let her have the camera and expect her to take just one picture...

He's not into taking pictures so...

...this one is extra sweet because he "posed" for her.

*1) purse
2) small side purse for phone and participation points to hand out during the day
3) backpack with laptop and grading that I never get to at home anymore
4) Diaper bag
5) lunch bag
6) carseat with bundled up baby (preferribly sleeping)
7) Coffee
8) water
9) Sam's lunch
10) Sam's backpack
11) pump
12) milk in portable "fridge"

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