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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Binky

Samantha took a binky once.  I took a picture of it and it was done.  She hasn't taken one again until she saw us trying to get Charlotte to take one.  Then we gave her one of the "rejects" to play with.  Charlotte will sometimes take one.  She likes it once she takes it, it's just getting her to close her mouth around it that's the struggle.  But when she does we generally get a scene like this:
Ok fine, I'll take it.

and maybe just...

close my eyes for a second...

you still there?

ok, just checking...

*cue squirm*

*eject the binky*

Ok, nap's over.

Now where is something-

-to suck on?!

1 comment:

Geek for Hire said...

you do come up with some of the best pectorals for our daughters.

Ram Sam Sam

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